English Menù

English Menù


Bistro Menu – Chef Mario

P R O P O S T E  D E L  B I S T R O ‘


Tris mare gourmet € 24 recommended wine: flavored Traminer
(Tuna tartare, little Medallion of cod  and mozzarella flower and anchovies)

Gourmet bis fish € 18 recommended wine: Albana di Romagna
(Ravioli and Tortelli)

Bis mare gourmet € 20
recommended wine: Bianchello del metauro
(Tuna and salmon)

Bis terra gourmet € 16 Recommended wine: Sangiovese Superiore
(Tortelli and Cappellacci)

the paper

Fillet of meagre with chestnut flour, puffed rice in artichoke cream€ 15

Smoked italian beef tartare € 15

Selection of Parma raw Ham 30 mounths And grana padano cheese 24 mounths €14 UNAVIABLE

Yellowfin tuna tartare with fruits € 15

Starter fried bistrò € 14

Cod fillet, crocchette and Roman flower

Ravioli stuffed with cod in peppers cream € 17

Cocoa chapels stuffed with wild boar and blueberries and orange zest €16

Tortelloni stuffed with mussels and peas with Bronte pesto cream and pistachio crumble UNAVAILABLE

Homemade pasta stuffed Sea Bass and wainuts in gorgonzola,pear, cinnamon cream

Tortelli stuffed with ricotta and parsley in grana padano and coconut cream €15

Burrata from Campania with yogurt sauce, pea cream and pistachio grains € 15

Salmon steak on turnip greens extract, burratina and crumbled fennel taralli € 18

Yellowfin tuna tataki with soy, brandy and brown sugar reduction € 19

Australian kangaroo fillet with honey mustard and parmesan flakes 24 months € 23

Flavored French Fries Chips € 6

Summer salad with vegetables and fruit € 6

Vegetable flan € 6


Black, the dark-hearted chocolate cake € 6

Pear vin brulè  €6

Mascarpone chicca with licorice essence, dehydrated coconut puff pastry and crumbled biscuits  € 6

The three desserts from the bistro € 9

Coffee ice cream with crumbled macaroons € 4

Water (Water bottle) € 2.00
Bread, cover charge and service € 2.50